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Secondary Service

Taking in coarse parts and then sending it out for precision machining or for surface treating or other secondary services is heavy job for procurement department of all enterprises and makes the workflow and logistic in a company look like hell. Trustool adequately utilize the resources of our sub-contractors and of our own and could provide our clients one-stop solution.


We provide a comprehensive array of secondary services to our clients like ultrasonic cleaning, deburring, passivating, pickling, TIG and MIG welding, assembling, coating, anodizing, heat treatment, plating, annealing, casting and forging. For long-term partners, our secondary service also included a program of stocking and blanket order system to meet their warehousing needs.


Our secondary service targeted at saving time and labor on our client side, by adopting our second service, our clients could settle many issues just by placing one order and just see that Trustool takes care of the rest. The components taken in then could be directly assembled onto their machines. Faulty semi-made or coarse parts risk could be isolated; time and labor invested in logistic could be saved. The stocking program also could bring with you maximum flexibility in acquiring components you need.


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