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Our clients include world top process industry equipment providers, beverage processing equipment enterprises, poultry and stocks slaughtering and handling equipment supplier, Petrol& Chem industry environment protection equipment providers etc, we also work for enterprises providing medical equipment, hardware tools, automated machinery and solar energy equipment and also other SME enterprises in China and abroad who got machining service demand. Since 2003, we have provided components of 7 categories and 46 specific items to a world leading process industry equipment supplier, since 2004 we provided SS component machining service to world leading beverage processing equipment supplier in Europe, the components produced were used on bottling& canning and rinsing machine and as well conveyor section. We also provided service to the most famous international oil spill response equipment company and provided with them the SS core component and aluminum parts for its most crucial products.

Our piloting target is the full satisfaction of our customers. You can be assured that when you work with Trustool Machine Company, we will consistently deliver quality, cheap, accurately machined components sharp on time. We always look forward to building up solid long-term customer relationships based on our good performance.


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