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Cost efficient production and process Especially in SS steel machining, the selection of cooling liquid, the selection of cutting tools, the availability of all production elements essential to the economy and flexibility and fastness of a piece of CNC machining job are the critertias of a successful machine shop.

Very demanding cost target does not permit us just use the top line CNC machine consumables like cooling liquid without any cost consideration, while we could maintain the low cost running, and in the same time, keep efficiency and the good condition and productivity of CNC machines.
For component made of very valuable material, we always do our best to save cost for clients by integrating precision casting and forging and other approaches in raw material preparing to achieve a profile most close to final product, so to minimize the raw material waste on chips and saving CNC working hours.

In many client cases we served like bottling and canning machinery components manufacturing, we noticed that the stainless steel components design are so elaborate that hardly any standard tooling could handle, and the delivery time is so demanding that we could not resort to any tailor made cutting tool from tooling company, cause no tooling supplier could help us meet the tight delivery time and control the cost. In Trustool Machine, our experience allows us to make very specialized tools for very specific purpose and so allow us to solve the tooling problem easily. The components might be very unique, but our CNC service package could always meet the very specific demand even in very urgent cases. By doing this, we always have the satisfaction and appreciation from our clients side.

The good finishing of SS components is crucial for many industries and good finishing is the result of interactions and combinations of several factors, like tooling, CNC parameters setting, coolant and lubricant selecting, machining process sequence. On this issue, our expertise also allows us to make a perfect blend of all key factors and so to achieve the best components finishing.


Quick response to Clients demand Our idea is that the more experience a machine shop hold the faster the shop could respond their clients demand. Due to our experience achieved in last 24 years, we could now handle very demanding components either in tolerance, or in machinability, in geometries and in delivery time, for most of small and medium sized components, when we had the drawing from our clients, we could work out prototype piece in at most 1-2 weeks and free of charge, this brings quite a lot convenience to our clients either in responding to market or speeding up their R&D or meeting their other urgent needs.


Extensive Contact Except direct CNC machining service, we also provide SS machining consultancy service to 4-axis or 5-axis machining service providers and so get their support on multi-axis CNC machining work, It proves that the capability of both parties have been largely improved and extended by launching this cooperation, now, we could also provide high precision and complex 4-axis or 5-axis CNC machined components. We have very extensive contact in CNC machining service industry.


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