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Trustool Machine employed a rigorous quality control program which involved very advanced techniques and computerized inspection equipment. This quality control program is designed to meet or exceed the requirements for ISO 9001. At Trustool Machine, we fostered a culture of continuous improvement through constant review of our processes and operations and do review and improve ourselves to meet requirement of our clients and by no means deem the quality control program only as a company image issue.

We believe that the quality comes out of proper processes. If the tolerance of certain machined components were not within limits, even they could be identified and denied, the loss is irrecoverable. All our effort becomes wasted and we can not keep our delivery promise to clients, both Trustool and its client suffer from the mistake. Most of our clients even got very urgent delivery time demand, so there is no second chance at all for us to correct our fault, we always keep this in mind, and our consistent attention to correct process and quality is unsurpassed.

We do endeavor to establish a system to guarantee that our every step is properly done and, from very beginning of production, secure the quality. We followed a very rigorous quality control program evolved over years and adopted most advanced techniques to reinforce our quality assurance capability. We combined the essence part of ISO9001 system into our process, for each piece of work, it is under control from raw material stage and every step is traceable, possible risks were pre-evaluated and preventive procedures adopted accordingly. In fact, all our procedures are strictly compliant with ISO9001 system.

We establish and keep all inspecting facilities for components production, for most our work, we examine every dimensions and tolerances marked on drawing. All our CNC machines are under periodical examination of CMM. In addition, we utilize a wide variety of micrometers, digital measuring equipment, and thread gauges and other specially made gauges. Unlike many workshop who equip their CNC operators second hand measuring tools, our CNC operators always use the state of art measuring tools in best condition exactly as those adopted by our quality control department. All of our measurement tools are calibrated periodically in a scheduled style.

The most convincing fact is that over past 5 year, we have achieved and kept a record of zero quality claims. It is the best reward to Trustool on our continuous attention and effort on our quality assurance issues and responsibilities.


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